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[ /]Chelsey ( First Blowjob, First Facial)[2024 г., Gonzo ,Hardcore, Couples, All Sex,Rimming 1080p]

Chelsey ( First Blowjob, First Facial)

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Год производства: 2024 г.
Gonzo ,Hardcore, Couples, All Sex, Rimming
Продолжительность: 01:15:41

Welcome, and today’s newbie is one of the freshest and tastiest things to sex we have ever had on the ExCoGi bed. I’ve been doing this for about two decades and we’ve had 4 virgins to dick and countless first time lesbian shenanigans here but none of those girls were home schooled like Chelsey. Now I suppose she’s not technically in high school as the tag suggests but she’s still in 12th grade and believe it our not wasn’t allowed on the Internet much growing up, so obviously she’s never ever watched porn. Let’s see, she’s never had her pussy licked by a guy and she has no clue or reference to any other type of sex than the two boyfriends she’s had. Which according to her the sex was mostly initiated by her and didn’t last very long. Trust me, the list of things that makes Chelsey fresh as fuck and perfect for ExCoGi goes on and on because she’s also never given a blowjob before which obviously means she’s never had a facial either. She also claims to not have any real fantasies other than to be with older guys and she’s never masturbated EVER!!! Now I’ve heard GG porn is the gateway drug to sexual exploration in young inexperienced girls. But with Chelsey, sex with other girls and sex toys in general are NO-Go zones. It’s also been my experience that there’s a little lesbian in every girl but Chelsey’s proving there are exceptions to every rule. So lets keep venturing down the inexperienced pathway because she grew up in an extremely small town (No shocker there) and claims to have only had one girl that's a friend, EVER. Well you couldn’t of been to sheltered from your parents because you’ve got quite a few small things that tells us you have a slight darker side to you and now it’s all becoming clearer why you’re here. You just want to try something new and spice up your life she claims. Now she does claim to of had a few orgasms before during her past brief sexual experiences but I think today you’re in for a treat Cinderella because your chariot to the big ball awaits and your inner fantasy to be with an older guy is about to begin. Unfortunately there was no magical glass slipper or fairy tail ending because she claimed to have not had any orgasms as we debriefed her post facial as cum dripped down and was all over that virgin face. But all is not lost in fansville because I think she squirted for the first time at (16:56). Her pussy sure gushed out girl juice after Tyler finger fucked her and she also said she had a good time. Even said she might want to be in more sex videos. But something tells me you’ll have to get over that hatred of cum first. Just saying, it’s kind of a common thing when doing porn. So with that I’ll shut the fuck up and until next weeks update I’ll end with a spoof from The Walton’s, the most wholesome TV show from the 70’s. “Good night Tyler, good night Chelsey, good night Tomboy.” Cheers everyone. Steve
P.S. You have to listen to the post shoot facial debriefing at (1:02:58) when Rocky said, “So we kind of had an agreement, you didn’t want to do anymore blowjob but you’d let Tyler cum on your face. Are you regretting that decision right now? ” "Yep, I wished I had sucked a little more dick," was Chelsey's response and fun times were had by all. Remember, if you never try something how will you ever know you hate it? She Farted / Queefed at (42:48, 44:44)
Orgasm Count Total – 1 (19:39) Maybe
List of Note Worthy Firsts Today:
Never been naked in front of strangers before
1st sex on camera
1st time having Pussy Licked
1st time Masturbation (17:01, 31:27)
1st sex with positions other than Missionary / Doggy
1st Blowjob
1st Facial
Oldest guy she’s ever had sex with by a lot, a lot.
Increased her body count from 2 to 3
Today’s Outstanding Quotes:
Tyler – “Well, you’ve sucked on lollipops’ before ” (8:50)
Chelsey – “I mostly just let the guy pick whatever he wants to do ” (11:07)
Tyler – “So do you like sucking cock? ” (23:23) “No ”
Chelsey – “No ” right after sucking her first
Tyler – “Are you having fun with my cock in your mouth? ” (26:47)
Tyler – “So do you ever get fucked like this? ” (31:10) “Not really. ”
Tyler – “You like it when I choke you? ” (36:09) “Yea ”
Tyler – “You like the way I fuck you? ” (37:48) “Yes ”
Tyler – “You like watching yourself get fucked? ” (44:54) “Yes ”
Tyler – “To much cock for you? ” (46:30) “Yea ”
Tyler – “Is this the longest anyone’s fucked you? ” (46:37) “Yea ”
Tyler – “I’m going to stretch out that little hole ” (46:44)
Tyler – “Did you think you’d be fucking this long? ” (47:13) “No ”
Tyler – “So your pussy’s to sore for me to fuck you anymore? ” (57:42) “Yea ”
Tyler – “First time having a guys load on your face? ” (58:38) “Yea ”
Tyler – “You never swallowed a guys load before? ” (58:42) “No ”
Tyler – “Will you suck the tip at all? ” (59:27) “No ”
Tyler – “Oh my god, you really hate cum ” (1:00:38)
Chelsey – “I thought it was going to be a lot worse ” (1:01:20)
Rocky – “Ok Chelsey, first blowjob, you seemed a little grossed out ” (1:02:35)
Chelsey – “Having sex in front of people is weird ” (1:03:47)

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